Dining Room Design Summer Atmosphere

Dining Room Design Summer Atmosphere – A relaxed, light and calm environment is the main thing that should be targeted in the dining room design. Surely with the presence of high ceilings and large windows will be a big advantage for the interior in the dining room area. Whereas the floor, a cozy and warm atmosphere can be made using wood, pastel color tiles or even a carpet with a “grass imitation” effect.

The basic color in the decoration might be white or other calm pastel colors. Special attention must be paid to the yellow color, because it is an embodiment of the sun’s heat and light. The ceiling is painted in yellow, can substantially change the atmosphere of the entire dining room, even if the walls are white or gray. Beautiful multicolor rugs will even strengthen the effect.

Choosing furniture in accordance with the principle of compliance with simplicity and conciseness for the dining room. Summer is the perfect time to replace thick carpets, large furniture and dark fabrics. The idea is to reach space and light as much as possible, taking minimalist style as the basis for dining room design. Summer interior details should be made from natural finishes with a matte texture. Add some wood details such as lamps, coasters and a few white, beige, and faded blue trays in Provence style.

A very fresh dining room for a summer atmosphere, with simple and beautiful decoration with large windows and wood furniture that is very harmonious and beautiful - Dining Room Design Summer Atmosphere - Peter Murdock - Photo in New York | Houzz

A warm and deep atmosphere can be created with the help of appropriate textures and patterns. It would be nice with colorful textiles, this could be genuine tablecloths, napkins, etc. The unusual texture will especially change the familiar environment of the dining room and provide a summer atmosphere. Exotic ornaments will remind you of the summer atmosphere.

Lighting can radically change the atmosphere of the dining room. A standard sculpture or carved chandelier will easily become the center of the composition that will help turn the dining room into a sunny place. Create a sense of closeness to nature by using decorations. Let the bouquets of wild flowers, fresh fruit, herbs or fresh flowers right in the pot. Add charm and natural charm to the summer dining room which will be a wonderful gathering place for families.

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