Archimede Innovative & Flexible Sangiorgio Bedroom Design

Archimede Innovative & Flexible Sangiorgio Bedroom Design – Change the space with formula for a bedroom equipped with an innovative Archimede bed from Sangiorgio. By sliding the bed will find a ladder that provides safe and easy access to the upper bed. The Archimede bed from Sangiorgio below was rationalized through the introduction of flexible solutions.

Archimede Innovative & Flexible Sangiorgio Bedroom Design

On the side of the upper bed can place a wardrobe with glass doors that help other uses on the floor and make more and more rationalization of this elegant and smart bedroom. Sangiorgio developed flexibility in Archimede’s bed style, combined with a modular wall system that adjusts the room. The flexibility of the Archimede bed can easily multiply the available bed and even make the smallest room that can be used by 2 or more people.

Ketija will use the bed, only need to shift one bed under another, freeing up all available space, especially in the daily configuration. The wall system can also be used for purposes in the bedroom, such as shelves, lamps and cabinets, hung by sliding mechanism. Archimede remains one of Sangiorgio’s most innovative creations, changing and improving the world of children’s furniture to respond to children’s tastes and the needs of parents.

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