Decorating Dining Room by Using Carpet

Decorating Dining Room by Using Carpet – The use of the carpet in the dining room should ideally be large enough to fit the table and chairs. Remember that if you move the chair from the table to sit, the hind legs must remain on the carpet. A good carpet set is one that does not fit under a cabinet or cabinet and must end before reaching their front legs.

The choice of the shape of the carpet that will complement the furniture must be adjusted by several factors, for example the size of the room and the placement of furniture. A long narrow table will look better on a narrow rectangular carpet. The round carpet will emphasize the shape of the round table.

The color and pattern of the carpet for the dining room is a very important part. Carpet colors can be the initial basis for the entire dining room color scheme, or a unifying element for different colors. Determine the function the carpet should do in the dining room: to set the basic tone, to be a slight accent, to bring warmth into the room, to maintain or to set the tone of the floor underneath.

Avoid bright colors on the carpet. Carpets of any kind of pale, bright, pastel colors will easily look dirty than rich colors. Multi-colored or patterned rugs will cover the spots that appear. Colorful rugs are a real safety for families with children. Multicolor and attractive patterns will include mixing with the colors of furniture. Also flexible and will give space and color.

Choose carpet material that is easy to clean. Natural materials such as wool or cotton are the easiest to clean, but are far from the most durable. Carpets made from synthetic fibers are more durable and at the same time easy to clean and maintain.

There are some other interesting options, namely using carpet tiles. These are bound to one another and the carpet can be stacked in any way and can easily cover any area. In addition, it has a large number of colors, textures and patterns. If you pollute one box, you can replace it with another, without having to buy new carpet.

Apart from being a decorative element the function of the carpet in the dining room can help muffle the sound and add warmth both figuratively and literally, protecting the feet from the cold and bare floor.

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