Not only the Garage, There are Important Issues About Carport

Not Just Garage, There Is Important Issues About Carport In ancient times most of the house has a garage. However, at this time, where the garage is quite replaced by a carport in the yard. There are a few important things to note about the carport.

Not only the garage, there are important issues about Carport
Mid Century Home in The Heart of Fort Lauderdale Restored to it’s Natural Beauty + Carport – Photography by Marcelo Pimentel –

The first important part to note is the canopy. Understandably, this section which protects the car and the hot sun, rain, and humidity. Many options that can be used as material for a carport canopy structure. For example, you can use stainless steel, wrought iron, hollow steel, galvanized iron, wood, concrete, or a combination of various materials.

Not only the garage, there are important issues about Carport - Gabionen Carport - Stephan Beyer
Gabionen Carport – Stephan Beyer –

Iron material benefit and in terms of cost, processing time, and the diversity of forms that can be made. However, material iron age limitations for aspects of corrosion and rust, with the exception of stainless steel material which of course will be more costly. Meanwhile, the timber material does have a high aesthetic aspects and seem exotic. However, a quality wood is now hard to find and expensive. Wood also has a life not too long because of the threat of decay and termites.

For the roof, several structures can be selected. First, the stand-alone structure supported on four main point or it could be just the two main points by using a cantilever system. The columns can be selected and columns supporting concrete, wood, steel, or some combination of these materials. See the outside of the column can be selected in accordance with the design concept carport.

Carport Design - Midvale Maniaci/Hoke residence - Carport Design - Midvale Maniaci-Hoke residence
Carport Design – Midvale Maniaci/Hoke residence – Stephen Bruns/Bruns Architecture –

There is also a structure that attaches the majority. This makes more efficient carport construction costs. Only with the support of two points, the carport is quite solid. In order to look attractive, you should use the carport construction systems and materials in line with the construction of houses and the main facade.

Last is the hanging structure is cantilevered structure with a sling iron and steel sling. This system allows the roof covering to hang freely without the need for additional columns. Needed a lightweight material for the roof frame and the cover. This kind of structure is usually used types of flat roofs.

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