Luxurious Bathroom With Classic Bathroom Furniture Lineatre

The project expresses itself through a return to elegance and traditions. The collection is composed of a vanity, ample, large, nicely round, and matching accessories both in design and color. The happy marriage of lacquer coating patina with the precious gold leaf finish are the true stars in this collection Diadema

Luxurious Bathroom With Classic Bathroom Furniture Lineatre – There are new innovations in the decoration and design of bathroom furniture from Lineatre, which is perfect for adding classic styles and personalities to create luxury bathrooms. Spacious luxury bathrooms should be equipped with a number of conveniences. The bathroom has been transformed from a pure functional space at home into a home meant for relaxation and indulgence. The latest innovations in luxury bathroom amenities include a pile of floats that float in the closet, so the choices on the floor and wall coverings for the bathroom are endless.

Faux finish and wall accents are ideal in this room which is generally an empty white canvas. Because the walls of the bathroom tend to cover the area less that the walls in other parts of the house, it is easy to change the walls with the latest designer colors. This bathroom from the Lineatre is really luxurious, the collection of Modular Gold is finished in a piece of silver leaf or finishing patina lacquered with flower decoration.

This decorative variety is brought around the design of this bathroom, using details and accessories from other, more refined ages. Indeed, elegant curtains in tubs and windows are the elements we would normally expect to find in the living room. Likewise for crystal chandeliers, heavy gold frames and coffee tables.

This is a collection that reflects a style, tone, and choice of classic furniture. Represents a comfortable functional space and a unique and elegant shape.

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