Utilizing Roof Became Roof Garden Design Home’ll Be Cool

Utilizing roof became Roof Garden, Home'll Be Cool
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Utilizing Roof Became Roof Garden Design Home’ll Be Cool – Utilizing Roofs into roof garden design will dampen the rampant issue of global warming as well as many people who complain about the atmosphere and the beauty of nature and the environment. Especially now the rate of increase in the construction of houses and buildings. Without feeling much green land lost. For that you can apply home roof garden in your home. Especially if your minimalist home type, it will be easier to integrate the garden with a minimalist home garden concept. With a variety of nice garden designs today.

Utilizing Roof Became Roof Garden, Home'll Be Cool - UNPAD Sport Center - Roof Garden by Rheza Nugraha
Roof Garden – UNPAD Sport Center – Roof Garden by Rheza Nugraha

The roof garden design is an alternative to house the area is less to have a park located in the house. The concept of a roof garden is to create a garden on the roof of the house to make green building the house. The concept’s roof garden has been widely applied, especially in urban buildings.

Type Roof Garden design or what we define as a garden located on the roof, and are in different heights at the top of a building. Here are some solutions making the park if the available area in the home, office and cramped apartments. Make a rooftop design would require a lot of fund, you need to need structure and specific roof construction and strong. Due to construction of the roof not only supporting its own weight, but coupled with the weight of soil, plant, water, and people on the roof.

Utilizing Roof Became Roof Garden, Home'll Be Cool - Amber Freda Garden Design
Terrace Composite Deck, Planter Boxes, Container Garden, Plants – Amber Freda Garden Design – www.amberfreda.com

If you want to add functionality and aesthetics of the roof garden design, planning should be done before the construction of the house. It is related to the structure, for the strength of the building roof. If only the greening using similar plant grass or shrubs at any time can directly be made, but if the planted tree species with the rod should first consult with the architect. Usually no additional frame reinforcement. Something that certainly is its structure should not be leaking. Test must be done to determine the condition of the roof is really not leaking or seeping.

Before filling the garden with soil materials, concrete structures must be coated with a waterproof material first. In fact, the concrete must also be given the additives to be strong for the waterworks. Components of waterproof material can also be a sheet or composites with fiber. The most important thing that can hold soil on the roof so it does not clog drains garden watering.

Utilizing Roof Became Roof Garden, Home'll Be Cool
Utilizing Roof Became Roof Garden, Home’ll Be Cool – Contemporary – Photo : Rikki Snyder – www.rikkisnyder.com

Choosing plants to be planted on the roof of course necessary calculations. Character count and planting crops is one thing. Consequences treatment plants is the next consideration. The selected plants should bloom with slow stem growth. These plants benefit because not need frequent pruning. Structuring the plants needed for the beauty of the garden on the roof is more prominent. If the land is owned by a limited need to be combined in the grouping of plants. The combination of crops flowering shrubs or ground cover. The goal is to create the impression of many types of plants. Next, simply add the shrubs in a particular area. The presence of shrubs is ‘important’, so that there are gradations of altitude on a collection of shrubs earlier.

To avoid the spread of diseases between plants. Suggested biannual spraying must be done in order to avoid the plants from pests and diseases. The addition of land for a specified period is not necessary. Although watering regularly, but there will be no lost ground with the exception of the planting medium fibers need additional wear.

Benefits of a roof garden design, among others, can lower the air temperature below, as well as able to filter polluted air, so the need for air conditioning can be reduced especially aided by a vertical garden in the area below. Looks like you should try this Roof Garden.

Utilizing Roof Became Roof Garden Design Home’ll Be Cool

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