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Modern Multifunctional Living Room Decoration Design Ideas

Modern Multifunctional Living Room Decoration Design Ideas – The living room is a gathering place for families at home. However, the living room for modern people is not only about the main hangout at home, but can also be a playground for children and even a reading area. The modern living room is a multipurpose room, it must be designed as comfortably as possible to facilitate all activities of family members at home. The choice of furniture is one of the most contributing ways to improve the atmosphere of a modern living room design. Consider using a set of sofas that can accommodate many people.

The spacious living room design without borders is quite very free and feels free. The placement of beautiful sofas with matching colors with other interiors is enough to make the living room very comfortable. Coupled with wood flooring that feels warm makes the modern living room interior design to be quite beautiful in view – Photo by: Chad Holder – www.deanarch.com

The interior arrangement of the living room is applied appropriately so that the function of the living room can be achieved optimally and optimally. For example, the sofa set is placed right in the middle of the living room facing the television. Natural color is one of the colors commonly used in modern interior design apart from white and gray. This color can make the atmosphere of the room fresh and give a wider impression in a room.

In addition to playing and blending colors, another smart idea to make the living room look wider is to eliminate the visual limitations that connect it to other rooms. Walls are the most common barrier to limiting space. The window can be a room divider, if it functions and the circulation area.

Beautiful and simple decoration for a modern style living room, a combination of beautiful and unique furniture such as the unique blue sofa combined with a beautiful wall shelf truly creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in this modern living room – www.linea-inc.com

For the selection of floor materials, parquet floors are a wise enough choice to be a floor in the living room. Besides beautifying the room, parquet also has extraordinary durability. The use of wood floors is very popular nowadays. In addition to beautifying the room, parquet can also improve the quality of health of residents. Because there is no need to use sandals when walking on the parquet floor.

Kitchen Nook Ideas For Comfortable Dining Room

Kitchen Nook Ideas For Comfortable Dining Room – The dining room placed in the kitchen area has advantages, especially for those who have apartments with limited space. Where a separate dining room is a real luxury. And even in large apartments families mainly gather in the kitchen. This is why so much attention is paid to the various forms of sofas, corner sofas, chairs and benches for the kitchen.

Kitchen Nook Ideas For Comfortable Dining Room Farmhouse
Kitchen Nook Ideas For Comfortable Farmhouse Dining Room – yficustomhomes.com

To be more convincing for a meal to match with the dining room, you can replace it with a soft stool or a chair near the window. Authentic angles can be made with the help of similar chairs from 2 or 3 side tables placed on walls or windows. Keep in mind that the shape of the table, whether square, round or rectangular, must be compatible for both.

Choose the perfect seating area for any size kitchen. The original banquet and small sofa will help arrange the dining room of any size. In addition, benches and tables can be very functional. In the dining room with a bench or sofa beside the table. While additional storage space for cutlery, cutlery, and other kitchen utensils, with various shelves and drawers can be placed in kitchen furniture. Even small spaces can be placed on a sofa or bench. Already many designers offer collections consisting of chairs, banquets, and small sofas that are suitable even in the smallest kitchen.

There is the most comfortable place in the kitchen area that can make you feel more comfortable in the kitchen, the area is next to the window. The kitchen area that has a window will be the most ideal for a dining room where you can put a comfortable corner with a full size. Sometimes the living room is combined with the kitchen into one room, so that the corner of the kitchen can be used to separate the two areas. Visually making the dining room feel comfortable and isolated.

There are also other things to consider to put a nice and comfortable corner on the wall, a place that will make you happy to join in to eat with your family. With the corner of the kitchen will provide much better comfort than a small table set and two or three ordinary chairs. This area can also function as an additional area to relax, socialize, read and even by placing a TV on the wall will make it more comfortable.