Beautiful “BUBBLE” Bedroom Design From Sangiorgio

Beautiful “BUBBLE” Bedroom Design from Sangiorgio – The Bubble bedroom collection design from Sangiorgio that stands out because the new and exclusive material is chosen to give a new personality to the bedroom, not only for children but also for teenagers.

Bubble bedroom is a unique product for practicality and flexibility of use, able to adjust the bedroom like no other, with impact solutions suitable for the most advanced children, respecting the environment and with quality solutions that have always been the hallmark of furniture from Sangiorgio.

The bubble surface embellishes clothes in Silver Orange, Silver White and Silver Blue, creating new and original effects for compositions outside the scheme: Bubble bedrooms can amaze users thanks to the extraordinary views and overall simplicity that gives innate elegance. The neat minimalism of the collection continues on the Happy Single bed, is reviewed and is covered in an environmentally friendly skin, and makes the Bubble bedroom more suitable for adults such as teenagers or singles. Elegant dinner with sledge legs and an eco-friendly leather chair, coordinated with a bed cover, translates well to the style of this custom made and exclusive product

Unique Arcamagica Bedroom Design From Sangiorgio

Unique Arcamagica Bedroom Design From Sangiorgio – Sangiorgio always makes innovative design products and is careful of the needs of the rapidly developing children and adolescents who choose their products. One of them is the bedroom design with the name Arcamagica which sounds unique. Arcamagica’s bedroom in the attic position is a creative solution to maximize functionality, flexibility and design in confined spaces. Elevated structures or cabins make it possible to move upstairs as an important part of daily life, reduce use in ground floor areas, and maximize available area.

This unique Arcamagica Bedroom Design from Sangiorgio with study area is placed near the bed, moves in the attic, creating a ‘niche’ for the child, from where he can also reach the top bunk. The second bed can be placed on the floor, which also has an important secondary function but is very smart. Arcamagica’s unique bedroom design is very compartmental and practically positioned in the attic, with the aim of accommodating anything that normally never finds space in a bedroom.

This type of solution makes the bedroom very comfortable and makes it possible to exploit the attic with any ceiling height. The unique Arcamagica bed, with a ladder with practical drawers, is the most suitable solution to the attic composition, perfectly integrated in the structure and can be exploited on the floor with a second bed and other accessories.