Modern Designing Small Living Room

Modern Designing Small Living Room – In today’s modern world, people have different needs and of course will have an impact on the idea of ??how a room can be used. As with many things, it is not always possible to find and usually requires compromise. Modern and minimalist to find plenty of space in a limited area, but allows flexibility in the living room that can be used as a place to receive guests or relax with family.

Modern Designing Small Living Room – The navy background in making this small modern living room design looks perfect for relaxing and spending time with family –

Focus on the family, the people, the room full of heat and the environment where they can fail with friends and family, but the relaxation room is full of sofas and chairs. When relaxing with family, they are sure that there is satisfaction that can meet their lifestyle needs with family.

Modern Designing Small Living Room – Modern midcentury-style living rooms with ash give the impression of being modern plus there are green accents from the plants making the living room fresh –

Modern-style living room with small interior will provide space available so that the room when finished looks cool, bright and friendly. Today’s modern homes are simple where to be accessible to many people have limited and small rooms, causing rooms in small homes, which in turn limit the types of designs that you can walk into the living room. So if your home is modern or contemporary, recommend that the available space and use of materials and internal colors be good, and do the same thing always space and light.

Oriental Style Living Room Design Ideas

Oriental Style Living Room Design Ideas – The design of an Oriental living room is one of the most sophisticated living room concepts that has been widely applied, not only in the Asian Continent, but has also invaded the far western continent. Oriental family room design is mainly influenced by traditional Chinese and Japanese interior design. Applications rich in bold colors and exotic fabrics are one of the main characteristics of the Oriental living room design.

Oriental Style Living Room Design Ideas – Modern oriental style living room with contrasting red accents on dark wall decoration accessories and some accessories that provide bright colors with simple and warm wooden floors in combination with a pair of dark sofa with unique tables that look beautiful modern oriental style on living room – COPYRIGHT © DISTINCTidENTITY PTE LTD –

To pay more attention to Oriental living room design characteristics, here are some explanations of oriental-style main living room fixtures:


The walls are the first point of consideration to create any interior concept, especially the living room. Oriental living room design is identical with bold color applications such as red. However, to avoid the gloomy atmosphere of the room, it is advisable to apply the red color as an accent, while the dominant color is neutral colors like crème or white. Can blend red into Chinese hanging ornaments that feature Kanji or dragon drawings that are tailored to gold.


As one of the most important elements of the interior foundation, the selection of flooring for the Oriental living room design is quite simple. Feel free to choose between parquet floors or marble. Because these materials represent traditional Chinese and Japanese interior floors.


As mentioned above, the design of the Oriental living room is identical to the detailed application of the fabric. Oriental fabrics are widely known to be very luxurious, exotic, and refined. Can apply Oriental fabrics into curtains, sofas and upholsteries chairs and tablecloths.


When entering the living room, must put the furniture in accordance with the concept of the room. Carved furniture painted in natural wooden colors is the best option to fill the Oriental living room. To enhance the Oriental atmosphere can take advantage of traditional Japanese furniture, such as the Shoji Screen or Tatami mats.