Arranging Minimalist Style Dining Room Design

Arranging Minimalist Style Dining Room Design – Minimalist style despite its name is not as simple as it seems at first glance. And the effort to combine living room and dining room in terms of minimalist style might be a very challenging task. However, the interior must not only be beautiful, but also ergonomic. An important rule is to choose practicality over aesthetics in a minimalist interior.

The main advantage of minimalist style in the dining room is the ability to expand the space. This is very important in small apartments where you have to consider every interior element carefully. In this case, the best investment is a round table, preferably with acrylic or glass.

Initially it is necessary to define colors and textures that provide comfort, warmth and serenity. Because families gather in the dining room not only for delicious lunch or dinner, the interior of the dining room must be given softness.

Dining table and chairs can set the basic tone for the interior. It’s better to choose square and rectangular models with simple straight lines. The dining room will be warm and friendly, if minimalist diluted with another style brush strokes.

If you want to add modernity to a minimalist style you might want to consider a black-and-white color scheme. The black and white interior mainly emphasizes minimalism and creates a beautiful atmosphere. At the same time, lights and paintings are able to revive the room. With open planning, cascade lights and large lampshades will help turn the dining room into an object of extreme concern by accurately dividing the borders of all living rooms.

Remember that minimalist style is not just a choice of elegant tables and simple chairs. This is the art of living without a surplus, permanently getting rid of them. Unnecessary decoration, ornaments and all kinds of things that quickly become accustomed to not affect the quality of life but divert from the point of life.

Benefits and advantages of U-shaped Kitchen Design

Benefits and advantages of U-shaped Kitchen Design – The kitchen area must be functional, comfortable, beautiful and must be stylish. To achieve all this depends on the layout of the kitchen. This will involve several things such as the placement of furniture along the three walls of the room. U-shaped kitchen is the most suitable for large rooms. Not closing the possibility U-shaped kitchen can be applied to a small room. The most important thing is to calculate that for that there must be at least one and a half to two meters between the opposite lines of the cabinet, otherwise the kitchen will look crowded and can even look crowded. The U-shape kitchen assumes that each of the three line furnishings runs according to function.

In the first line are refrigerators and are designed to store products. The second line includes a sink and is used for cleaning and product preparation. The third is the stove and is designed for cooking. U-shaped kitchen assumes the distribution of three main areas in the kitchen space. This layout simplifies cooking and doing other household matters because all the things needed are only a few steps away from each other.

The sink must be installed at a distance of about one meter from the stove. The refrigerator in the kitchen should be placed about two meters from the sink and one meter from the stove. Cooking and oven surfaces for safety and comfort must be no closer than one and a half meters to the dining table. It is better to place the refrigerator and the unit high in the corner because the opening can close the gap zone. It is important to focus on the height and lighting of the work area while arranging the kitchen space.